Tool for Growth: The Round Robin

One of the basic tenets of a truly successful fellowship is teamwork. One aspect of teamwork is goods-sharing – trading to balance goods, and trading to support your fellows.

Trading to support your fellows sometimes takes the form of “bad” or unequal trades. For example,  a cross-tier trade from Silk to Planks lets one get plenty more planks than one could get from a Tier 1 Marble for Planks trade.  LINK: Basics of trading

Another way that you can support a fellow is through a ratio trade within a tier. Normally, the Elvenar trader wants to equalize trades: 100 marble for 100 planks. It is possible, however, to post 100 marble for up to 400 (a 1:4 ratio) planks, using a ratio to increase the number of goods you get at someone else’s expense. It’s a great way for a large city to help a smaller city build up goods.

Example Tier 1 Round Robin

Small City: I have 500 planks and nothing else in Tier 1. Help!

Larger City: Okay, I can help. Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Post 500 planks for 2000 Marble
  • post 500 Marble for 2000 Steel
  • Post 500 Steel for 2000 Planks

End result: 2000 planks, 1500 each of marble and steel in the small player’s inventory.

You can do this Round Robin several times to boost someone’s goods within a tier or across tiers. The more goods the smaller cities have access to, the faster they and thus the fellowship will grow.



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