Keeping Up on the News

There are official forums, unofficial forums, facebook pages, websites, beta servers, and gossipmongers…. all sources of information out there about all things Elvenar past, present, and future. Most things can be known, from bugs, to release dates of new chapters and when we should anticipate (with pleasure or terror… that, of course is up to you) when the next Fellowship Adventure begins.

If you don’t care about any news that isn’t right here and now, this post is definitely not for you.

Some archmages do this themselves, some rely on mages, and some develop information networks that have several information conduits. Personally…. some of my players read the forums as do I but not as often; I keep a city on Beta; and I am in several Facebook groups for players and archmages both. Whatever your style, as archmage it behooves you to keep up on the news if you want to be able to plan and/or prepare for what is to come.

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