Recruiting Etiquette: Poaching

Recruiting is an important part of the life of any archmage. It is anxiety-inducing, as you feel the pressure to fill the open spot(s), you might be bummed that a great player left, and you feel the need to fill the spot as well as possible.

Some people just wait for applicants. Others start cruising nearby cities; some start looking at fellowships that appear to be struggling and seeking a merger. There are lots of ways to find additional players, and the truth is that nearly all of us use a wide range of strategies. My personal favorite is to be an awesome fellowship in terms of rank and having an awesome play environment, so people come looking for us.

An other strategy is  reaching into other fellowships for players – for example, asking players to reach out to players in their old fellowships, or directly recruiting from other fellowships. This practice is referred to as “poaching”, as you’re trying to get players actively in another fellowship who may not be looking for a new home. For some archmages, it’s a perfectly acceptable and normal practice. For others, it’s anathema.

I  accept that poaching happens but do not engage in it myself. Reasons being…. I’m an advanced player in a fellowship that is working its way toward the top tiers. I know most of the top players by username if nothing else. The odds of running across someone that I made angry by poaching their players is pretty good, and the backlash can be pretty strong. Also, it’s in poor taste and borderline unethical even if there’s no rule against it.

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