Ancient Wonder Programs

Nearly every player who is past the earliest stages of the game has one or more Ancient Wonders in his or her city.

When a player is in earlier chapters, the wonder is often left alone as KP go into the Research Tree to move the player’s city forward in the game. In later chapters, players frequently get techlocked and  have KP to donate to their own and others’ wonders.

Some fellowships institute a Wonder program to help build up the Wonders; they can take many forms. I figured I could describe several  common ones I’ve seen here, along with their pros and cons. There are more, but they’ll have to wait for a different post.

KP Chain

This program is usually voluntary contributions when a player has extra KP to use. An email chain is started – say, a 5 KP chain. It starts with a message indicating who the first recipient is and what AW the next person should contribute to. The next person responds with the name of the AW they’d like 5 KP donated to, and then it goes on from there. Any number of KP can be used – the most common KP chains that I see are 5 and 10 KP. I generally start a new KP chain about once a month. It might look something like this:

Original Message Subject: 5KP AW Chain

Original Message Test: : Start with Lani’s GA (Golden Abyss), please.

Message 2: Mountain Halls (MH), please

Message 3: Prosperity Towers (PT)


  • Requires virtually no maintenance or oversight. Hurray for easy!
  • Entirely voluntary, so no pressure
  • Creates regular interaction between players
  • It creates enough structure and regular reminders of the AWs that folks generally do use the KP chain to grow their AWs
  • It mostly keeps extra KP in the fellowship


  • Ironically, the voluntary nature is also a con, because people are free to neglect their own AWs if they wish, or not to share their KP within the fellowship
  • It’s not at all systematic
  • It’s not terribly beneficial in absolute terms because there’s a net zero KP benefit – you give five, you get five. There are the rewards that go with KP donations when an AW is completed, though, that generate some benefit

Regular KP Donations

Another model is a simple KP donation requirement. Each day, a different person receives a set number of KP from the other players. An email chain is frequently used for the AM to confirm that the KP were actually given by the various players.  This model generally requires a spreadsheet to track the cycle of wonders and those who make or don’t make their contributions. Often a mage has the AW program  as a dedicated duty.

For example, a 5 KP donation rotation:

Day 1: Lani’s Golden Abyss (GA) receives donations.

Doc contributes 5 KP, posts in the email chain that she has done so.

Other players contribute and post.


  • Systematic wonder improvement for everyone
  • Equal participation and benefit
  • Entire fellowship is improved


  • Takes a fair bit of work to keep track of things
  • Some players try to skip
  • Some players don’t like to give KP when they’re hard at work on the research tree, and prefer to give KP only when they are techlocked.

Chosen One

One player is designated the “Chosen One.” All free KP go to that player’s wonder until it is full and ready to upgrade. I’ve also heard of this as “swarming” an AW. Generally some tracking is needed to keep the order of the Chosen Ones straight. A spreadsheet is common, with message posts making sure people know who the current Chosen One is and who the next one will be.


Lani is the Chosen One, and her AW of choice is her Golden Abyss (GA).

Doc contributes 5 KP.

Esper contributes 10 KP.

Ral Dorn contributes 7 kp.

Eventually, Col contributes 25 KP and finishes off the wonder. Lani upgrades and the next Chosen One starts to receive KP.


  • Pretty systematic wonder improvement for everyone
  • Equal participation and benefit
  • Entire fellowship is improved
  • Fairly easy for players to keep track of


  • Takes a fair bit of work to keep track of things
  • Some players try to skip or don’t contribute, but do expect to receive KP when they’re the chosen one
  • It can be slow, particularly if someone has a wonder with LOTS of KP needed in order to reach the next level.
  • Reward can be pretty uneven, as one person’s wonder might be a lot lower level than another and thus require fewer KP to complete. I view it more as a leveling benefit than a KP benefit, and everyone increases the same number of levels (one) at a time.

So, hopefully you have a little to think about. If you have other KP models you’d like me to feature in a post, drop me a line or leave a comment.

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