Communicating with Your Fellowship

This one is kind of a no brainer in one sense – if you’re archmage, you need to communicate  and foster communication – in your fellowship. I’d like to talk about it and focus on different aspects of it for the moment.

Communication for Function

Basic functional communication is critical stuff – I’m away from the fellowship for a few days for vacation; here’s what I know about the upcoming event; let’s collaborate on a Fellowship Adventure; next tourney is X and you need to do Y to prepare; and so on. This sort of communication ensures that your players know what you know and have everything they need in order to play well. If you don’t have communication for function, in my opinion, you can’t have a truly successful fellowship because of frustration, confusion, and lack of coordination at key times.

If your players support each other rather than simply playing together, you are on your way to a successful fellowship.

Communication for Fellowship

It is possible to be a top fellowship in the rankings with only functional communication. I will be so bold as to say, however, that when you have a truly successful fellowship, you need to have a team; a community rather than a group of independent players operating under the same banner.

The main way we have available to us in Elvenar to create community out of individual players is communication, but of a slightly different type. This is communication that is all about making people interact and see each other as people, not just as usernames and profile pictures. This is chat; newsletters; congratulatory messages when someone reaches a new milestone; and so on. This is key for a couple of reasons. It takes effective function in the game and adds a human component, so you get loyalty (lower attrition); more frequent play (better visits), and happier players (longevity in play, plus the above). When people are happy and part of a community, they thrive – and it’s your responsibility as archmage to bring that about.

Communication for Leadership

This one doesn’t apply to everyone, but I want to talk about it because of the difference it makes in the case of multiple, associated fellowships. In the case of the Starfleet, we have archmages of different fellowships and even on different servers. We created channels of communication between those archmages. This helps enormously with confidence of new archmages, coordinating, moving players around, recruiting, sharing news across fellowships, and bouncing ideas around.

The need to communicate is a no-brainer, for sure; however, if you think a little about how and why you communicate, you can make your fellowship a better and more successful place.

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